Autodesk published IFC Manual for Revit users — zhukoven

Revit IFC Manual is a 52-page document, which describes all of the available options for using IFC format within the Revit environment. This is definitely a handy document for everyone working with Open BIM. This document is intended to serve as a guide for Revit users handling IFC data and providing a better understanding of […]

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Naming Your Revit Elements With the COBie Extension

What’s in a name? If you are creating COBie deliverables, a lot. Each element in a COBie spreadsheet needs to have a way to uniquely identify it. For most of the sheets, that is the “Name” field. If you are creating a COBie deliverable from a Revit model, the best way to create and manage […]

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How To: Use Apple Pencil With the AutoCAD Mobile App — AutoCAD Blog

Do you ever miss drafting with a pencil and paper? Why not combine a human touch with the latest technology! Try using Apple Pencil with the AutoCAD mobile app for a truly unique experience. Using Apple Pencil and the AutoCAD Mobile App Check out the video below to discover how to use Smart Pen mode…

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Concept of BIM Set Up/Project Kickoff Meeting in a Project Execution Plan


Introduction to the Concept

In the first place, BIM (Building Information Modeling) Set Up/Project Kickoff Meeting is a Project Execution Plan which defines the processes from start to end. Project Execution Plan, this term is widely known in construction technology field.

To clarify, the Project Kickoff Meeting plan includes the aims, methods for the project. Further, it explains complexity throughout the lifecycle of the project. The project schedule, cost estimation, contractual responsibilities and, output, i.e., final deliverables are inclusive, too.

Even after having these things, there can be necessary information available for the owner of related operations and facility management of the building.

BIM models are considered as a simple technology for multi-disciplinary projects for the design and construction, nowadays.

For efficient collaboration, a Project Kickoff Meeting is essential to solving project management issues which may arise with less knowledge of BIM coordination.

project execution plan

What do you have to talk about at a Project Kickoff Meeting?

Colleagues: Identify…

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